Sunday, July 17, 2011

What is your favorite side arm?

Nerf Maverick?

Nerf Scout?

Nerf Strike Fire?

Nerf Barricade?

Nerf AT-2k?

pic goes to sg nerf thx sg nerf!

Nerf Recon?

pic goes to sg nerf thx sg nerf

Or The Nerf Nite Finder?

PLEASE leave a comment of your wonderful opinions!

THX to all for your pictures



  1. I believe that for side arms, the best two are the Element EX-6 and Scout IX-3. Even though both can be a bit hard to find, they both have great range. Even though both have lacking RoF's, the range and accuracy on both is excellent. Most people would say Maverick and Nite Finder, but the Element has better range than the Maverick, as does the Scout to the Nite Finder.

  2. Either AT2K, NiteFinder, or PistolSplat. The Jolt is a great backup, and I suppose it could be a normal secondary.