Sunday, July 31, 2011

Modding Ideas

This is Echo Nerf, Matt speaking. I came up with some modding ideas. I am not sure if you'd like 'em but I just wanted to post up my ideas. So first we have the Longstrike, I was thinking of the doorstops with single legs, and two of em, both super glued, or attached to the bottom of the Longstrike. It would be like the one on the Longshot. Not sure if it will actually perform as a bipod, but it can also be for the looks as well. Next on the list is the Powerstrike 48 with a green paintjob and a sprite logo just for the fun of it and the looks. Next is the Recon cs-6 with a woodland camouflage paintjob on all of it's attachments and itself. I was also thinking of the Longstrike with an arctic snow camouflage. A homemade grip could also be done well. That will be all for now.

Nerf Hyperfire [4]

Hey guys Echo here and i am going to review the Nerf Hyperfire.

First off this gun is really comfortable. The nice foregrip in the front makes up for it being front heavy because you can control it easily.

Next are the ranges. I didnt officialy test ranges but stock, this gun gets at least 30 ft out of the box, which is great. I like the ranges and im not a full out modder i only mod  single shots like the sharp shot and nitefinder, and i think im gonna keep this one stock.

Potential. I dont know the mdding potential for this blaster because like i said i like the ranges and im not going to mod it. As far painting it, with a sweet paint job this gun would look sick.

I got mine for $5.91, as it was on sale at my local Kmart. If you see one of these i recomend picking one up especialy if its on sale.

Nerf Dart Tag Hyperfire Blaster with Vision Gear
Nerf Hyperfire Single pack. Comes with 10 darts and eye proteztion goggles/glasses.

Comfort 4 out of 5
Potential  ?
Power 4 out of 5
Mobility 5 out of 5
Reliability 4 out of 5
Overall 4 out of 5  [4]

Friday, July 29, 2011

Nerf HyperFire

Hey guys Echo here and i just got back from Kmart. I saw a HyperFire for $15 dollars and took it off the shelf. When i got to the line to pay i was about to hand the lady $20 bucks but she said $5.91, I was like "$5"? She said "nice deal huh"?  Stook it in a bag and i left. I used to have the orange version(this one is green) but i traded it for a fury fire. I didnt unbox it yet but the review will come soon. That will be all, have a nice day.

Carry, Concealment, & Continue

How would you carry your Nerf guns in the heat of battle? This is Echo Nerf, Matt speaking and this post is all about how you would hide & carry your guns from the enemy. In surprising attacks, or if they got you held down, you need a concealed weapon which is basically a hidden weapon. The Secret Strike, Scout IX-3, Reflex IX-1, The Nitefinder EX-3, and maybe even the Maverick have the ability to be concealed due to it's size. If your wearing a bookbag to conceal your nerf guns, I think that would be kind of obvious you are carrying something suspicious. If you imagine a guy with a huge bookbag, wouldn't that look suspicious? For sneak attacks, the results would be negative if you were to wear a bookbag. You would have to take off the bookbag, leave it on the ground, open it, and if your lucky the guns are all loaded, take out the gun, aim, shoot, and all this while you are getting fired at by the enemy if this was a real life battle, you would probably be dead by then. Now, I know you are thinking oh why not just snipe secretly? That wouldn't be the best way to make things go your way. Here's the reason why. Once you snipe your enemy, the sound of the attack would bring the enemy to you, and once they find you, you are going to get pwned! Sometimes it takes more than 1 shot to bring a guy down in a game of nerf when you are playing a game with lives. When the enemy has you pinned down, like literally on the floor, you would wear a holster under your jacket or sweater, and pwn your assailant to the ground with a Maverick,Scout,Nitefinder,Secret strike, and reflex. A nice thing about the Barricade Rev 10 is that is a semi-auto gun, ability to dual wield, and is very compact, the size of a recon itself. If you have a big enough holster, and the coast is clear for more stragglers, the sound won't be able to be heard except the guy you are about to pwn. It's an easy way to pwn your enemy if you are downed in battle in last stand. If there is stragglers around, go for the Maverick and do alot of speedloading training with the Maverick so you can reload fast while the enemies are running into your position. Keep the Barricade and the Maverick in your bookbag, find good cover where you can see if the coast is clear, make sure the enemy doesn't see you, and go for it. We pretty much talked about CARRYING and CONCEALMENT, so when your done pwning everyone, CONTINUE on with your lives. That will be all.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Kmart trip!

As you all know i went to Kmart. I got a BBB and a tetra strike. i didnt know they would have a tetra strike until i saw it on the shelf. I couldnt find a BBB at first. As i was walking around looking at the stuff on the high top shelfs i saw a BBB but couldnt reach it. My dad got it down for me and we went home. I opened the tetra strike and i loved it. Its really comfortable to hold, but u really have to pull the trigger to fire the last dart. Ranges were nice also. I opened up my first BBB and went outside to test it and it shot far. I really like the BBB. Idk if i will mod it. I passed up a hyperfire and a speedload six but oh well i like the items i bought.
That it all have a nice day from EN




Anyways i just did a easy easy mod to a bike pump woot woot. I taped on my old reflex barrel to to bike bum. With my custom darts(Micros with a (((57))) written on the side) it gets ranges of a stock raider!!!!!!!

Once i go to kmart ill pick of some guns and bring em back home to tell you guys. I have about 89 bucks. Hmm what will i use that kind of money for? NERF DUHHHHHH woot woot im so excited. I like never go to kmart. And everyone thank JetCell for doing all of the graphics for EN arnt they perty? She has mad skillz! Thx JetCell  :)   Look at En isnt it just perty!
Ill keep yew posted later. Thats all, and have a wonderful day.  


Sunday, July 24, 2011

I know we've been postin alot today but oh well. Just so u know im determined. En is going down and AWN is rising. I just dont know anymore. Im gonna fight my hardest and  i mean hardest to keep this blog up. I will never give up. Are you on my side?

Echo out

We're going doowwwwwwn!

This is Echo Nerf, Matt speaking. This blog is going down, matter of fact it's worse. We have to take action. We need you viewers to leave comments on this blog. We need to know what you like, what you guys want, and we need it now. The future of EN is at stake. So once again, tell your friends, tell your family, they might have an email, and if you guys do have an email, then please, leave us a comment.


most votes in the poll were for Awesome  but 2 votes were for terrible. Idk how this blog is terrible. Also i will fight to keep this blog up.   :)



I just looked at UT and a post about AWN is on there?!? wtf. i think EN is going down. Sorry guys.

Nerf Trivia!

Yesterday's answer was that the Parker brothers also created the board game, Monopoly.

Todays Question:

How many different colors of the Nerf maverick are there?

   What do you get if
             you get it right? Nothing
             But at least you know your

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Nerf Trivia!

Yesterdays answer: Nerf is 42 years old. It was created in 1969. Good job Matt!

Todays question.

The Parker Brothers created Nerf, but what
other popular boadgame did they create also?

What do you get if
             you get it right? Nothing
             But at least you know your
          Nerf!!! ....or other stuff!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Nerf Trivia!

The answer to yesterday's question was 2003.

Today's question.
How old is Nerf?

             What do you get if
             you get it right? Nothing
             But at least you know your

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Nerf Trivia

Every day i will now post a Nerf related trivia question!

Today's question.

Nerf magstrike.jpg

What year was the FIRST magstrike released in?

                                                                                   What do you get if
                                                                                   you get it right? Nothing
                                                                                 But at least you know your

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


 I will now be constantly posting on EN and keeping it updated. New posts will be up everyday and a trivia might get started once i get jerm's permission.
EN will be back on track shortly.                               I AM NOT QUITING AWN

One i get another Sharp shot i will go all out with some internal mods and reach some nice ranges of about 40 or 45 and ill get another Nf and mod that. Reviews coming also.

That will be all, have a nice day.      Echo  (((57)))

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sharp Shot mod

Hey guys this is Echo and i want to share a mod with you guys. So when i picked up and sharp shot and unboxed it, well it was crap. I put nickles behind the spring tape over the release hole and thats it, more mods might be down the road. I was going to post this up on AWN but theres no point because it would just be deleted because i found out i need pics of all of my mods. Anyways down the road i tried putting a longer barrel down the original barrel but it knocked the hole out of place. The whole thing went down hill. Everytime i cocked it the barrel went with it. The barrel didnt seperate of the plunger tube and instead, it stuck to it and sucked it in when the gun was cocked. I fixed that problem by simply gluing the barrel to the orange tip og the gun where you load the dart and bam problem is fixed! Out of the box at 10-15 feet ranges bumped up to about 30 with very little work that took under ten minutes to do! And dont forget to vote in the poll! Right there at the top right side!
That will be all, and have a nice day from all of Echo Nerf.


The Poll

Hey guys Echo here and first of all this war needs to stop. These blogs are better in their own ways because the are totally different so you cant compare and say one is better. Next thing is a poll. On the right side right next to this post there is a poll---------------------------------------------------------------------> right there. you can rate Echo nerf give it a raiting and  your good to go. Let me know how good this blog is because we can work to improve it if we need to.  is it O.K is it Good is it Awesome is it bad or is it Terrible? That will be all.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Wars being sparked up.

This guest220 guy said this blog is pwning my blog. This may be wars starting up! So if i see you bragging about either site. you will regret it. Because nothing will stop the aidanwolf!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

How do you set up your Nerf Wars?

This is Echo Nerf, Matt speaking. Well I've had a recent Nerf War and I was just wondering how you would set up your "Department of War" of your very own army. Calling out positions during battle and ammo needs are just some of these thing you'd have to worry about. So I was hosting this 2-player war recently and I placed out barricades. Lots of places to take cover in my basement. I have been training with my Vulcan so I'm getting there... soon it will be a worth-full piece of tool of destruction. Anyways I had placed barricades and low-barricades, (enough to mantle over) There was also Nerf guns placed in locations you could see. In a corner, there was a recon with the stock of the raider, the raider's drum and the Longstrike barrel. In another corner, there was an Airzone Hawk placed. On top of the low-barricade, there was a Nite-Finder, next to it, the Mighty Vulcan, taking the role as Sentry Gun. Barricade Rev-10 with the Recon's stock on a table, and the Nerf Maverick sitting behind a pile of clothes. It was a nice battle. Seems like I've lost many darts. I'll do a search party for darts A.S.AP. My "Choose your First Weapon" was The Airzone Triple shot and the Tetra Strike from Airzone (The Blue one). My friends, as the opponent chose his Longstrike he had brought with him and a Maverick I had let him use. It was a Long-Range War, and I was armed with crap so I was Taking casualties. Good thing I took the Vulcan as Sentry. The next battle, My friend had the sentry and the Barricade to take cover in. I did a nice way to breech. If I got through the barricade while my buddy was taking cover in one of the corners, he would have obliterated all my lives,(15 lives each since it was only 2 player and a Vulcan could be used.) so while he was far back, I decided to do a breeching trick. The Rev-10 pointing at him without my head poking out. I ran out of shots so then he got me with the Vulcan and I lost. That will be all for now.

new staff

hi its plopper i now contribute to this site as well as aidenwolfnerf look for some posts!!!!


What is your favorite side arm?

Nerf Maverick?

Nerf Scout?

Nerf Strike Fire?

Nerf Barricade?

Nerf AT-2k?

pic goes to sg nerf thx sg nerf!

Nerf Recon?

pic goes to sg nerf thx sg nerf

Or The Nerf Nite Finder?

PLEASE leave a comment of your wonderful opinions!

THX to all for your pictures


Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Echo here with some quick news. So i emailed Jerm yesterday when i found a kool barricade repaint on urban taggers and he posted it up!!!!!! check it out  HERE  Thx Jerm

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Hey Echo here next in the series is you asked for it Shot Guns! I dont own many as im a pistol lover.  Okay i own 2 shot guns, both are double shots one is sawn off and painted black and purple HECK YEAH! The other is stock and yeah. Double shots are a fun gun to mess around with or to have in a war too. At ten bucks you cant resist it!                                                                                                          

Next up is the Doomsayer. This is a rapid fire shot gun which is really cool even though i dont have it. Really good once modded and makes a nice primary in a war. Has 12 barrels in the turret once modded its pretty much a beast.

Next up is the Buzz bee Hunter. I know it isnt a shot gun but why not? I dont own this gun but i kinda want it. Bolt action makes it realistic but the ranges arnt bad but are not amazing. Mods could make it really nice.

Shot guns are fun to have around.

That is all.


Note : Pictures are from google. Thx

Large Projectile Shooters Review

This is Echo Nerf, Matt speaking. Let's do the Large projectile shooters review. What I mean by Large Projectile is the Nerf, Airzone, and Buzzbee guns that fire very large ammuniton rockets, missles, etc. Basically, we are reviewing the Launchers. First of all, we are going to review The Airzone Rocket Storm. This is a nice gun, Too bad I don't own it or that it doesn't come with extra ammo or that you can't find any refills for this. It is a Spring-Powered blaster so that could damage the accuracy and range. This wouldn't be the ideal weapon for pretty much anything. It is nice and I would still get one since it is really cool. This was meant for outdoor battles and whatnot so I suggest you not break stuff at home and go use it outside. Now over to your left, we have the Titan which I don't own. This is a truly great blaster it gets 60 ft ranges. It fires the massive mega missle. The only downside is the ammo. 1 shot and your finished. You couldnot buy extra since they don't sell extra titan missles. (which sucks) Next up the Airzone Arrowstorm. (pretty much my only Large Projectile Shooter) The great thing about this one is the rate of fire. It is rather hard to prime the gun for most but it's great otherwise. It makes a huge sound though. Not meant for stealth, more of defense. That will be all.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Pistol Reviews!

Hey guys Echo here and i feel like doing a review on my nerf (some buzzbee) pistols since Matt did that wonderful review on his rifles. Nice job Matt. Okay let me think. I have them all lined up on a shelf. 1st up is the spectre (in pistol form). this blaster is like a improved mav but with one less shot. This gun is really good out of the box  and shoots really good stock. Unlike the mav it has a tactical rail on the top part where nothing moves. Anyways the cylinder comes out alot further then a mav and i just love this blaster. Next up is my 2 mavs. 1 mav has a old reflex handle part on the bottom for a forgrip and its really nice. A stock mav is cheap half the price of a spectre and shoots OK stock. It is one of the most common Nerf guns around, and its a favorite too. Next up is my singled recon. Write up of that HERE. It shoots a bit farther now and looks really cool. Next up is my Tek 4. I wont review that one because i already posted a review. Review HERE. Next is my sharp shot. This gun is just crap out of the box but a simple modder like me can change that up a bit. I just put 4 nickles behind the spring and wahlah is it finished and now is a decent blaster. Now i dont need a scout! Next are my first mods, my nitefinders. the first one is painted brown and black and has a extended barrel and a rubber band around it gets about 40-50 feet and is my current sidearm other than my Predator Magnum.  I dont know what to call it so please drop a comment if u have any ideas. The other Nf is called my dragon fury. it gets about 40 feet and really accurate with a sick black and red paint job. Next is my barricade. This guns is cool is has a better rate of fire(ROF) then the stampede and shoots pretty good stock. Sorry i have so many pistols but here we go again. Strike fire. I absolutely love this gun and that is the reason i have 3! 2 modded 1 stock. Now the grand fanally, the Predator Magnum haha gottcha no review in this post. Review HERE but u can check the review out in that link. Okay thats it, Thats my pistol collection and reviews and sorry if i left some out. ~Echo

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Rifle Reviews

This is Echo Nerf, Matt speaking. So, I came across my dart guns, (Airzone,Buzzbee,and Nerf) and I thought, "hey how about some reviews?" So today, we are reviewing the rifles. I own 4 of the rifles. (hunter, longstrike,hawk,and dual-fire dart blaster) Let's start off with the hunter. Now, the hunter is a nice design however lacks firepower. In battle, how would you look with this hunter that takes 15-10 seconds to reload even if you are a speedloader, compared to a stampede or whatnot. I would suggest you not waste 8 or so dollars on this even though it is a nice design and looks cool but instead, get a nitefinder or something. Let's head on over to the longstrike. This was a great idea, a longstrike, capable of sniping enemy targets right? However, it failed because of the range. If you want to make this useful, I would suggest some mods to it like Air Restrictor removal, besides range, this is a truly great gun but the modding potential isn't as great compared to the longshot. Now let's review the hawk. Great gun, minor problems to it but they could be fixed easily. This is a gun worth getting. The hawk compared to the hunter has more rate of fire due to clip system. It is a gun mixed from 3 of buzzbee's dart guns. It has the stock/storage of a double shot, the bolt-action of a hunter, and the clip system of the rapid fire tek, all together in a nice shell thus, creating the hawk. Now on to the Dual Fire Dart Blaster. This is suckkish version of the double shot and although it is a double barreled shotgun to most, I take it as a double barreled rifle/musket thing. Not worth getting, the shell ejection doesn't work (atleast mine) and the lever-action is kind of uncomfortable,the stock has no storage and whatnot, it is a terrible ripoff to the doubleshot and costs more than a regular doubleshot. That will be all for now

Friday, July 8, 2011

Aidan's introduction

hello viewers. i am aidanwolf. so look out for my posts and updates!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Predator Magnum Review [4]

Hey guys Echo here and while i was writing the Tek 4 review today my Predator Magnum arrived. Heres the funny story. So i was out taking ranges and test shots with a Tek 4 and when i came inside i saw a little tikes lightning mcqueen box i was like WTF?!? so my mom tried to open it and after like 5 miniutes my cousin opened it and we didnt know what was inside and he say the predator magnum i was like sweet!!!!! ran upstairs and the thing is solid its really nice good quality. I loaded a stream line shot it and it went really far like 50 feet, the dart flew like three houses away and bam. Ran inside and i yelled "This thing is powerful!!!!!" shot more rounds and my brothers like go get some paint balls! Ran inside grabed a a tube of paintballs and at first i didnt know how to shoot them so i ran back upstairs looked at the box read the instructions ran outside did what it told me. "Is this thing loaded?!" Bam SPLAT OOPS! shot some more at a scrap piece of wood. Brother ran up to the neighbors(dont know how to spell that) house splat haha runs away mom says "wipe that off!" and thats the story of the predator magnum. Okay this thing is powerful, solid and comfortable in hand. For 20 bucks off Amazon this thing is worth 50 bucks. At 50 flat stock this is a MUST BUY put it in your aseanal and you will KILL!
Power: 4
Overall raiting: 4

Tek 4 Review [3]

Hey guys this is Echo speaking and write when i was about to write this vary review my Predator Magnum arrived! Review HERE . But thats not what this is about. This is about me being impatient and didnt feel like waiting anymore so i picked up a Tek 4 set.
Tek 4 set in box

I will tell you some good things and some bad things. A good thing is that there are No air restrictors! And that leads to a bad thing and that is the noise. it is quite loud. out of the box i thought they would preform bad but dang these kicked my mind. They are pretty good out of the box. A down side is that you have to manually turn the barrels unlike a maverick. I love to duel wield with these things too. Comes with  a target and 8 darts. 4 yellow and 4 really cool green darts. If you see this in the store try it out if you want. Not bad blasters. I give this blaster a 3. -Echo

***UPDATE*** I tried singleing one of them and it failed and broke :( Oh well i can replace it wid a mav or a Nf or a tek 6 if i really need to.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Just some quick stuff

Echo here and yeah the predator magnum should be soon. Expect a review soon! Anyways theres a poll up there at the top, and thats asking what we should blog about next. So please take that if you want and Echo Nerf would appreciate it alot and we would love to see you opinions :) poll is at the top left under the nerf logo. Thank you all for the views and thank you for taking the time to read this. Dont forget to vote! Predator magnum review will be HERE

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th Of July!

Hey guys happy 4th of July!!!! And guess what! I just just placed an order on amazon for a PREDATOR MAGNUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOT!!!!!!!!! finally huh?!? haha anyways yeah guys give us some ideas and stuff to help us we really do appreciate it. Just drop a comment below if you'd like and we'd  love to read and reply to you! Have a nice 4th of July but dont shoot off to many fireworks haha (my cousin should shoot off some ten shots shouldnt he?) haha. have a nice one     -Echo      :)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

We are in need of ideas

This is Echo Nerf, Matt speaking. If you viewers got some ideas you have, please feel free to drop a comment. This blog could also use some more viewers so please, tell your friends about this and don't forget to comment about ideas. The reasons for all these idea stuff, is to let us know what you guys like and how we could improve this blog. Have a nice day while you're at it and thanks for taking your time to read this.

New Staff!

This is Echo Nerf Matt speaking, I have been hired as admin for this blog.*Round of applause to Evan for letting me on this blog, give it up for Evan! So anyways, I don't have a camera so there will be no pictures from me until I get a camera.

Introducing The StarFire, a custom integration.

The star fire is a Hasbro Star wars dart baster and a minimized Nerf fury fire integrated under the starwars blaster. It has a total of 11 darts to carry. 1 in the top barrel(star wars) and 10 in the fury fire (bottom barrel). So pretty much u have a 1 shot sniper on top and a rapid fire on the bottom. The fury fire handle acts as a fore grip and is just really comfortable(sorry if i spelt that wrong haha) to hold and not too bulky. 2 separate triggers, Star wars gun gets pretty good ranges and the Fury fire gets ok ranges also. Both guns are stock but get the ranges that you would expect for this type of weapon. I didnt bother to mod any of them. Ranges are at 30-35 for the Star wars blaster and around 20 for the Fury fire. Not bad. Sorry guys no camera means no pics :( i know it kinda stinks. This blaster turned out pretty good and i like it. Thats it, Thats the StarFire A.11 i hoped u like this. -Echo
Any Questions or comments?
Drop me a comment down there or email me at -Echo