Thursday, October 27, 2011


               Heres what you have to do. Give me the DAY you think the
                                       Nerf Rayven will come out.
                                       Give me the Day and month.
 What do you win?
You win a special shout out post!                                                                 
 The person CLOSEST to the realease date wins.                                           
Leave a comment and submit your answer                                                       
You got nothing to lose!
Anyone not intrested GO NOOB SOMEWHERE ELSE!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

PVC Guns?

Like this

(picture not mine)

Hey guys today i will talk about my homemade "marshmallow gun", Nerf style! This gun now gets about 50 feet with dart tagggers and it doesnt even have a  tight barrel fit.  I also have a small pistol version.I really like it. Good ranges, cool look and easy to make.
Pistol version

(picture not mine)
They make awesome snipers or shotguns. Load more then one dart and you get a spread and dont lose much range. Only a foot or so.

Pretty cool huh?

Monday, October 24, 2011


Hi im nerflover or canonmp830 from NM&R i will be authoring here as well as maintaing my blog

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Vortex Proton Review!

Hey guys i just got a proton the other day so here is my review.

     First off this gun is a good buy.
i really like the handle it is very comfortable to hold and fits 
all sizes of hands. Ranges out of the box are amazing at 60+
It comes with 3 discs to start to off, instructions, and the blaster itself.

                                                               Pros:                          Cons:
                                                           60+ ranges             Shoot one at a time
                                                          Very accurate               Low ROF
VORTEX Refill Pack   Has a nice feel
Cool loading sequence

                                       I really like this blaster and i highly recomend it.
                                                                   4/5 stars