Wednesday, August 24, 2011

NEW WALMART GUNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

THERE ARE NEW GUNS AT WALMART. My local walmart now has: Gear up mav, buzzbee hawk, buzzbee maniac 100 streamline dart pack, buzzbee rogue(out of stock at the moment) and they had alot of lightstrike gear.

I was so excited i almost pissed! LOL
I will get a hawk soon and a rogue once they are back in stock.

Okay so here is the gear up mav review!

I really like the feel and look of this blaster. I havent went out to shoot it lately so ranges arent in yet but earlier i grabbed my modded bbb (80+ ft) and shot sniped ppl out my window lol and i have to shoot someone with this mav sometime because i want to test it out and see how it preforms.
Thats it. Not much to say about a repainted mav.

I also picked up a pistol that made noise when you fired it and pulled the slide back. I picked one of these up because it has blowback action which means when you fire it the slide blowsback like a real pistol. I always wanted one of these and i will probraly pick up another one.

Thats it for now guys. Have a nice day!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Upcomming Posts!

Echo here and im gonna talk about some upcoming posts!

Hvz war!
lazer tag!
modded bbb gun case

So look out for those!
Some of you know EN was deleted by a fellow member and i had to retreive it. But it is okay the member has been deleted off the authors list and will be spoken to, clap clap clap clap.

Anyways this was posted using my email!

Thats all, be sure to look for some new posts coming soon!

Have a nice day

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Nerf BBB mod PART 2

If  you havent read part 1 yet click HERE

Okay guys so here is part 2, the mod guide...DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNNNNN

This mod took me legit 5 minutes.

First get a bbb.
second take out all the screws in the FRONT handle part leave the back alone unless u want to access the trigger area. Once u get the 10 something screws out pull the barrel off the other stuff and the AR pops right out. Then there is a white disk sort of thing in the barrel. Take that out and put a hole in the center. I dont care how you do it since i stabbed it several times with my nife until i was happy. Put it back together and find some barrel material, marker, cpvc, mav turret, etc::

Then shoot you devil cat and watch it just kidding
You should be getting 70 feet flat and my average angled was 86, so you should be getting terrific ranges!

Happy moddin:)

im bout to go andre the giant. u a sell out but i aint buying. lol

CYA next time and have a nice day       (((57)))

Monday, August 15, 2011

Nerf BBB mod PART 1

Yes i finally figured out how to mod it. Part 2 will be the mod guide. Okay so i modded it, ranges will be at the end so bare with me. I asked a kid on youtube how to mod it and he told me he uses a paper barrel and i though, huh i never thought of that. Later on i rembered someone saying something about a mav turret so i ran to my parts bin pulled out my old mav turret and stuck it in. It now replaces my paper barrel and gets awesome ranges, here they are:

     Note: these are official and were measured correctly in ft.
     Mav turret:
      flat:  70-75
      angled: average 86 (longest shot we recorded was 92 ft)

I tested the accuracy by shooting cans and i hit all three cans before my 6 shot turret ran out.
It appears real accurate within 40 feet.

This is my best mod yet and i cant believe how well it turned out at an average of 86 feet angled and 75 flat.

Mod guide will be in part 2
Click HERE for part 2

Have a nice day                       

Saturday, August 13, 2011

longstrike intel ......KND STYLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay the ranges are in. Echo here and i tested my longstrike the other day and i gotta say YA HATERS WA WRONG! ranges dont suck and are about the SAME WITH the barrel on. Here they are.

with barrel on:
flat 20-25
angeled 30-35

with barrel off(about the same thing ya haters!)
flat 20-28
angeled 30-35

those arent official but the other side of the street from my porch, i mark about 30 feet. That will be all YA HATERS!

Cya next time YA HATERS!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Nerf Longstike Review

Yup i got it! and i gotta say this gun is a nice one. I didnt test ranges yet and will tomorrow but they look decent so far.

First of all this gun is really comfortable to hold and its really solid, i just love it.

Next is ranges. Like i said i didnt test them yet but they look pretty decent after the reviews i've read.

Mod potential/paint potential. People say it needs to be modded to be useful but i dont think it does. With a good paint job this blaster would look awesome. Pics (From Google)

Compared to a Raider (Pic courtesy of Jerm)

In Box

Overall i really like this blaster.

More news and ratings coming soon.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Nerf Firefly Review!

This is Echo Nerf, Matt speaking. I got the Nerf Firefly today, and I must say, this is a wonderful gun. It is very sturdy and well built. It is also very comfortable. I have just gotten it, so I haven't tried all the features to it. Ranges are pretty good for a stock blaster, 25-30 feet ranges. This is a truly good blaster, pretty accurate, long-distance, comfortability, and whatnot. Get it, you won't regret it unless it's a defective one. It can hold 16 darts, and a maximum of 24 darts with the barrel break's attachment. More information coming up later.