Wednesday, June 29, 2011


DANG! 113 total blog views!!!!!! Thx to all of you that take the time to check out Echo nerf. A special thx to Shadow wolf for accepting the job as my editor, So thx Zulu. Expect more reviews and mods from me in the future. Sorry im not posting more frequently and thats because i got some summer homework (BUMMER!!!!)  to start so ill try to keep up. -Echo

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


New news coming soon. Ima order a predator mag. sometime this weak and i camt wait to tell you guys about that. Maybe ill get another Nf down the road and mods will follow. Follow up on the singled recon coming this weak and some reflex integrated into the bottom of a mav for a fore grip that will come soon this week also. Watch out for more news and more NERF! i promise more news comin soon!! Another thing Zulu joined the blog so thxs so a shout out goes to u Zulu. Thx Shadow Wolf. K thats all, more later. -Echo

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Minimized Fury Fire

hey guys um heres the story of what happens when im really bored aha. So uh one day not too long ago i was really bored. I thought "wouldnt it be cool to minimize one of my fury fires. So i pulled out one of my handsaws and sawed away. No more pump handle! looks like a ten shot mav now. then i saw the bottom grey part at the bottom of the gun and i knew it covered some of the reloading space so i removed that also. I think its still a decent side arm even though no internal mods done. Hoped you liked this post! :)

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ZULU i have chosen you because i think you will help the blog the best. If you accept leave a comment on this post saying you accept. -Echo


ZULU i have chosen you because i think you will help the blog the best. If you accept leave a comment on this post saying you accept. -Echo


Quick anouncment. I am now gonna have a co author help me with my blog. He will be able to post things, edit things, and more. I will be choosing the co author over in the Nerf Mods&Reviews chat box at any moment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and will also  be posted over at Echo Nerf. So keep your eyes open for my recruiting! -Echo

Monday, June 27, 2011

Nerf Recon singling mod

Nerf Recon mod. First take a recon and do your internal mods if you like. Then single it. You can single it to get better ranges. I took a hand saw and cut the mag weild off (the part that holds the clip in) This will make it look like a desert eagle!!! and it will be much easier to holster. Warning do not single it if u like having the clips for it. give it a paint job if you want to and close it off with some plastic. A dvd works great. and to make those internals mods even better get the orange mod works packages i hear those are great, new catch new catch spring new stronger spring and ect.. There you have it. The nerf recon minimization mod. I hoped this helped or i hope you liked it-Echo

Echo Nerf!

This is Echo57's Blog! Some updates: im finally closing up my singled recon. Singled it a while ago and never got to close it up with some plastic. Orange mod works packages i bet are pretty awesome even though i dont have it. The glue is now drying and should be done soon! NF modded and the AR is out rubber band around it 55-66 ft! Im just starting out more mods and reviews coming soon cant wait to get a predator magnum too! more news later

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