Monday, December 26, 2011

Whatchu Get for Christmas?

So thanks for all you viewers for viewing and contributing to the blog!

So what did you get for Christmas?

So there will be a bit of lack of posts considering all the holidays but ill be back, dont worry.

Friday, December 23, 2011

What do you want for Christmas?

So now lies the question among us all: What do you want for christmas or whatever your celebrating.

Leave a comment!
What i want for Xmas is a nice blue longshot......who knows?

Maybe the Grinch could get me one.....From Jerms house XD

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Scout mod!

Hey guys so i was bored one night and took out some dart pegs of different blasters (i.e: starwars shotgun, painted strike fire)

So i didnt get ranges yet but they seem nice with streamlines.

Scout review HERE

I didnt even have to open the gun up.
I just had some needle nose plyers and twisted it and out it came
This blaster is great out of the box in all, but why not make it shoot streamlines?

Pic from UT

Some mods around the N.I.C.
Another nice creation,

A simle quick mod!
Try it out if you want.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Star wars mod 2.0

remeber my jacked up starwars gun?  HERE
Well i got another one from a friend so i "modded it"(cosmetic really)
Sorry, No pics at the time.

First i looked around my parts bin and found exactly what i wanted, a fury fire pump grip.
Almost fits perfectly on the stock barrel and gives it a cool color combo.
Then i wanted a stock onto it so i cut a hole in the butt of the gun and modded the recon stock to fit
(cut off clip holder and bottom bar and the n-strike connecter adapter)

Similar to this tactical shotgun.
Note: the stock looks similar to the recon that i fit in place.
Well i really like it and i hip shoot like a noob.....anyways i love how it turned out
More custom mods and more i the future!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Monday, December 19, 2011

Jolts in stores???

Usually i dont post stuff like this but im a bit excited considering i have yet to find one.
Can't wait to see what all the buzz is about.
I hear they are the best new blaster of this year.
Jerm says these little guys hit 35ft flat.
If hes true then ima go nuts! I was joking on that one so calm down, s-sir, sir, im going to have to ask you to calm down
Anyways thats the nerf jolt!.

Plz Commetas amigos

Friday, December 9, 2011


Yeah buddy:')
As you can see, authors are wanted!
If interested, email EN at

1-2 authors are welcome to join and apply.

Highly appreciated, EN

Monday, December 5, 2011

Nerf Trivia

The Nerf  Trivia is back! But first,
Some quick updates:
1) I got another starwars gun
2) Some war story posts in the future
3) Dart mod posts coming
What was the first nerf gun to have 2 stacked barrels?

Leave a comment with your answer

More later!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Hey guys i bet you've been dying to see my mods so here they are!!!
My Modded NiteFinders

Close up

My modded Star Wars blaster
My Sharp Shot HyperFire integration

There you have it!
Tell me what you think, drop a comment!

Friday, November 18, 2011

3,000 PAGE VIEWS!!!!!!!

Proof BABY!
Guys we got this in the bag!
3,000 page views WHOO HOO!


Hey guys, hate to do this but here is a update post.

1) I will be  getting another starwars blaster from a friend

2) Custom modded dart post coming up

3) mini clips coming up

4) NiteStrike project coming up after Christmas

5)Should i bring trivia back?

want a free cookie dont you? (chocolate chips not included)

***Free cookie=joke not actual giveaway***

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tactical Star Wars Blaster

Hey guys Echo here and i am going to talk about my epic jacked up star wars blaster from Hasbro

Stock Hasbro Dart Blaster. around $19.99Comes with three darts.
So how is it modded? Well not internaly(i like the stock ranges so i left it be) first i cut off the bottom part of the barrel that hold the extra darts(the "grapling hook shooter" in real star wars) after doing that i put a fore grip on that thing made out of pvc. Then to make loading easier, a piece of pvc on the loading ("clip" in real star wars), Then i glued a inch of pvc to the side of the barrel and cut a slit in it. Got a clear shelf from one of those cabinets cut a square out and and put a rectical for a scope kind of thing on the side of the gun similar to a MW3 heartbeat sensor
MW3 heartbeat sensor. And No MW3 doesnt suck.
But i also attatched a attatchment adapter piece on to the front of the barrel so i can now put a Spectre suppresser on it. (EPIC believe me)

So pick up one of your ol' guns and jack it up when your bored. Thats what i did.

Okay guys thats it. I will use it in a mission tommorow so i will tell you the preformance part then. 

***NAME the mw3 gun pictured and win a free cookie***

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Saturday, November 5, 2011

new author!

Hey guys
my username is Sampsonite and i run
i've now been invited to author on my third blog echo nerf.
i hope i can entertain and like echo i can be found on chatroll plus the omw forum so i see ya there!


Ballistic Knives 1.0 and 2.0

Hey guys you knew it was coming......Ballistic Knives!
Now with all the time on my hands last night i was able to construct a ballistic out of a fury fire barrel, reflex plunger tube and spring, glue stick cap, mini camping steak(hold things up) and a paper clip.

Here is the guide to make one.
1. Get materials similar to the ones listed above.
2. Take your biggest tube(mine is the fury fire barrel)
3. Put a paper clip around the bottom of the spring and then put spring into tube. This willl keep the spring from firing out along with the blade
4. Get cap of some sort(glue stick cap for me) and wrap it in tape until it sites snug at the bottom
of the bigger tube. This will keep the spring in the tube.
5. Make Blade. Tape or glue your blade to a smaller tube(that fits in the large tube)
6. Make trigger mech/ firing mech (what i did was cut a slit in the large tube at the top and a slit in the smaller tube in the bottom. Then i put a "pin" through both holes when loaded and when i pull the pin the blade shoots.

Then this morning i made a 2.0 made from a toy knife blade, plastic tube from the inside of a recon barrel attatchment, a spring, a marker cap, and a glow stick.

This was made the same way as my 1.0 knife

1.0 was designed to be a big heavy ballistic knife while the 2.0 is lighter and thin compared to 1.0
1.0 gets aroung 20-25 feet (tested today) and 2.0 gets 15-20 feet because of its stealth mode and size.

All i did was dig around my parts bin and put this all together so go crawl in your parts bin and pull something cool out!

Questions or comments hit me up at

Friday, November 4, 2011


Hey guys, Echo here and here are some updates that may interest you guys so here you go.

YES, im sick. YES my grandpa is dead. YES i suck at grammar, YES im not in the right mind but does that bother me to keep you viewers happy? Nope, i've found a way to climb over that stuff so i could be here to to what i do best.....Nerf!.

First off, let me know if you have a problem like that blaze kid and we can have a nice little chat :p

Second, i re-did some mods and details to my bbb mod and i have no pictures but cross my heart i dont lie(:P)I put tape on the hole where i minimized and marker barreled it and i guess it still sticks to the 80+ ranges. Now you could say it is a zombie slayer(thumbs up i should name it that).

So leave a comment if you have some promblems to go over.

This one goes out to blaze.  :/

Thursday, October 27, 2011


               Heres what you have to do. Give me the DAY you think the
                                       Nerf Rayven will come out.
                                       Give me the Day and month.
 What do you win?
You win a special shout out post!                                                                 
 The person CLOSEST to the realease date wins.                                           
Leave a comment and submit your answer                                                       
You got nothing to lose!
Anyone not intrested GO NOOB SOMEWHERE ELSE!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

PVC Guns?

Like this

(picture not mine)

Hey guys today i will talk about my homemade "marshmallow gun", Nerf style! This gun now gets about 50 feet with dart tagggers and it doesnt even have a  tight barrel fit.  I also have a small pistol version.I really like it. Good ranges, cool look and easy to make.
Pistol version

(picture not mine)
They make awesome snipers or shotguns. Load more then one dart and you get a spread and dont lose much range. Only a foot or so.

Pretty cool huh?

Monday, October 24, 2011


Hi im nerflover or canonmp830 from NM&R i will be authoring here as well as maintaing my blog

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Vortex Proton Review!

Hey guys i just got a proton the other day so here is my review.

     First off this gun is a good buy.
i really like the handle it is very comfortable to hold and fits 
all sizes of hands. Ranges out of the box are amazing at 60+
It comes with 3 discs to start to off, instructions, and the blaster itself.

                                                               Pros:                          Cons:
                                                           60+ ranges             Shoot one at a time
                                                          Very accurate               Low ROF
VORTEX Refill Pack   Has a nice feel
Cool loading sequence

                                       I really like this blaster and i highly recomend it.
                                                                   4/5 stars

Friday, September 30, 2011


Listen guys,
Ive been busy and my pc had some problems so i am now back.
A lot of stuff is going on so im gonna need a right hand man
So if you wanna post alot on EN,
Send me an email @ and your hired.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Happy Vortex Everyone!

Vortex is officialy released! Happy 9/10/11 guys!

So we got the proton:

But check the paintjob on this proton:

                                                           link HERE to see that paint job

We have the vigilon:                                            We have the praxis:
And the big but not so mighty, Nitron:
                                     Happy Hunting!