Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tactical Star Wars Blaster

Hey guys Echo here and i am going to talk about my epic jacked up star wars blaster from Hasbro

Stock Hasbro Dart Blaster. around $19.99Comes with three darts.
So how is it modded? Well not internaly(i like the stock ranges so i left it be) first i cut off the bottom part of the barrel that hold the extra darts(the "grapling hook shooter" in real star wars) after doing that i put a fore grip on that thing made out of pvc. Then to make loading easier, a piece of pvc on the loading ("clip" in real star wars), Then i glued a inch of pvc to the side of the barrel and cut a slit in it. Got a clear shelf from one of those cabinets cut a square out and and put a rectical for a scope kind of thing on the side of the gun similar to a MW3 heartbeat sensor
MW3 heartbeat sensor. And No MW3 doesnt suck.
But i also attatched a attatchment adapter piece on to the front of the barrel so i can now put a Spectre suppresser on it. (EPIC believe me)

So pick up one of your ol' guns and jack it up when your bored. Thats what i did.

Okay guys thats it. I will use it in a mission tommorow so i will tell you the preformance part then. 

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