Friday, September 30, 2011


Listen guys,
Ive been busy and my pc had some problems so i am now back.
A lot of stuff is going on so im gonna need a right hand man
So if you wanna post alot on EN,
Send me an email @ and your hired.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Happy Vortex Everyone!

Vortex is officialy released! Happy 9/10/11 guys!

So we got the proton:

But check the paintjob on this proton:

                                                           link HERE to see that paint job

We have the vigilon:                                            We have the praxis:
And the big but not so mighty, Nitron:
                                     Happy Hunting!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Nerf Scout Ix3 2 pack review

Echo here with a review of my new scouts!

First school started today and i know its gonna be a bit hard so bare with me guys.
I've also been playing tons of CODM and kicking serious but and i think im gettin really good.
Even all that going on ill still keep you guys posted on news and reviews and some mods.

I went to Kmart and thanks to Jerm, i knew the scouts have officially been released in Kmart so we ran up there and there was several new guns, here they are: rads 12 rogue hunter surge 6  & 10 blue belt blaster and tommy 20. I passed up all of those guns for the scouts. Good choice or bad?? leave a comment!

Comes with 12 darts and 2 blasters.
The first thing that surprised me was the ranges, i was gettin 30ft easy.
Also the feel of the gun was just incredible.
Got a Kmart in your area?
This is highly recomended and every
Nerfer should have a scout.

I passed up all of those guns for the scouts. Good choice or bad?? Leave a comment!