Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Star wars mod 2.0

remeber my jacked up starwars gun?  HERE
Well i got another one from a friend so i "modded it"(cosmetic really)
Sorry, No pics at the time.

First i looked around my parts bin and found exactly what i wanted, a fury fire pump grip.
Almost fits perfectly on the stock barrel and gives it a cool color combo.
Then i wanted a stock onto it so i cut a hole in the butt of the gun and modded the recon stock to fit
(cut off clip holder and bottom bar and the n-strike connecter adapter)

Similar to this tactical shotgun.
Note: the stock looks similar to the recon that i fit in place.
Well i really like it and i hip shoot like a noob.....anyways i love how it turned out
More custom mods and more i the future!

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